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MBCKorea Korean 273k
MBC [General]
December 12, 2007
General TV station. news, drama,entertainment.   This station's website.
8.8 (897 ratings)
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yangchigi   March 19, 2009
한국 엠비씨
chris   March 31, 2009
snsd rocks

diela   June 16, 2009
very good..
HuaMai   August 1, 2009
I love watching MBC. the music stage. dramas. everything. I'm glad I can actually watch it online
Damon   August 31, 2009
Shinyflowe…   September 9, 2009
c1c1L   September 28, 2009
Like it!!
joonbaebae   November 10, 2009
is this live?
sorry i'm new here xD
Psyeye   December 9, 2009
ariel   January 11, 2010
watching the news! lol
Xiia0RaYx3…   January 27, 2010
y suddenly i cant watch ?
dangeun   January 30, 2010
me also cannot watchT_T...what happen??
thesa   February 27, 2010
i can't watch.....what happen.i'm new.
7910n   February 27, 2010
is this live?
thine17   March 20, 2010
playlist 7
Arya   April 10, 2010
why can't I watch it full screen?
zari   May 21, 2010
we got married yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cher   June 19, 2010
just now able to watch now cannot...
linn   July 18, 2010
nhokchju   July 24, 2010
I like this program .
your   July 24, 2010
when's WGM (we got married) airing?
Jason80   July 26, 2010
WGM airing every saturday at 5:15pm[17:15] right after 'Show! Music Core' at 4:10pm[16:10] UTC+9: Seoul, Tokyo, Palau, East Timor..
WGM is more easily seen on MBC GN..
Yuki   August 23, 2010
I love it ;)
chrisnabyl…   September 1, 2010
is this live or recorded?
leilani   September 4, 2010
love mbc
mery   October 15, 2010
yeyelovesu…   October 16, 2010
oh my god........
i cant wachting again...
pheerix   November 9, 2010
pls help me i cant watch...
dewik   December 4, 2010
i like this!!
faletta   January 14, 2011
like this :)
nadi   February 19, 2011
why i can't watch
nadi   February 19, 2011
very good..
nadi   March 5, 2011
why i can't watch
troy   May 29, 2011
how can i watch this station??
troy   May 29, 2011
somebody help me???i want to watch this but how to download or something else to see???
troy   May 29, 2011
how to watch it???
Nightlizar…   June 16, 2011
The Greatest Love
oOFAHOo   July 7, 2011
Minnie   July 26, 2011
Love this channel^^
Sarassan   August 7, 2011
anyone knows where i can find the schedule of mbc channel?
otto   August 21, 2011
guys how can i watch this channel ?
melodiaris   August 23, 2011
k pop lover , by aris in indonesia
adisintya   December 22, 2011
why i can't watch :(
peanut   December 30, 2011
I can steam but sometimes i can't. Is it because of internet connection or steaming traffic?
devy   February 15, 2012
sungha18   February 24, 2012
Korean drama,Music,etc
sungha18   March 3, 2012
hey, can you give me the schedule ???
Tang   July 28, 2012
can't use
kurnia   June 5, 2013
khel   July 6, 2013
Tiffamy   December 18, 2013
putri   May 1, 2014
Joysprite   June 21, 2014
I don't know why this is the one channel I can't get to work.
Korea,South Comments
I don't know why this is the one c…
I like KBS.
This is great. A nice mix of Engli…
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